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Hey guys, it is Tylynn! I’ve got some strategies to talk about for this truss seat that was reverse. It can go anywhere in your house but seems great!

2 x 4 @ 8′ OR 1
You may create your own 4x4s or purchase 4x4s . I opted to create my own 4x4s.

The best way to create your own 4x4s
Cut eight 2x4s only marginally over the last length (so about 16″ with concurrent 10 level miters)
Glue two 2x4s together and clamp.
Reduce the legs for their final length (15 1/2″). Trimming after gluing ensures that the ends are horizontal.
Sand till they’re smooth and the joints look smooth.
Cut Listing:
4 | 4 x 4 @ 15 1/2″ with concurrent 10 level miter (thighs )
two | 2 x 4 @ 7 1/4″ with vertical 10 level miter (long side) (bottom leg support)
two | 1 x 2 @ 3 1/4″ with vertical 10 level 1 (long side) (upper leg framework )
two | 1 x 2 @ 20″ (top frame)
two | 1 x 2 @ 16 3/4″ with vertical 45 degree miter (reverse truss)
** In case your miter saw does not budge, only turn the 1x2s in their side and then cut them in 10 degree miter.

The way to earn a reverse truss seat

Step 1. Produce the thighs
As shown in the diagrams below Construct the legs.

Drill two pocket holes on the top of 2 pocket holes and this 1x2s on the interior of the 2x4s.

Use out the pocket holes to fill . The pocket holes will be hidden by the seat seat .

Connect the thighs
Attach to one another.

Attach the chair
Flip the seat over and attach the seat to the framework with 1 1/4″ screws.

Add the inverse truss bits
Center the 1 2 opposite truss bits on the seat seat’s base and within the two ×4 leg frames. Attach with wood paste and 1 1/4″ end nails.

Considering that the 1x2s stride at the middle at the base of the seat seat, they’ll every be 3/4″ off centre on both ×4 leg frame (one 1×2 diameter ).

Be certain that you wash off any wood adhesive with a rag because wood adhesive won’t accept stain if you intend to stain the seat.

Allow the wood glue dry, then sand and complete as desired. I painted the chair using a mixture of Minwax”Provincial” & Varathane”Sunbleached” and secured it with glistening polyurethane.