They say that you can not ever underestimate a mother’s love, but what about her power? If a child is at risk, mothers will risk it all to safeguard their cherished babies — even though it means putting themselves at risk. Join us as we pay homage to those extraordinary mothers who went above and beyond to rescue their small ones — you will be amazed what a mom is capable of in the face of extreme danger.

Burn or Jump

Back in 2014, 23-year-old mum, Christina Simoes was captured in a fire, trapped inside her flat in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Without a way out, Christina could just think of her 18-month-old son, Cameron. The only way from this burning building was the balcony.

It requires a whole lot of courage to chose between burning to death or endangering everything by skipping just two stories, however Christina knew she had to attempt to save the life span of her son. Nestling Cameron on her entrance, Simoes drove herself backward from the balcony, landing on the concrete. Watch what happened in another slide.

A Fantastic Conclusion

Surprisingly, both Cameron and Christina endured the collapse. Cameron was unharmed, but his mom had struck her spine badly that the doctors told her she’d not walk again.

Luckily, Christina proved them wrong after she failed many lengthy surgeries, mostly compensated for by a prosperous GoFundMe campaign. Simoes told the press that she’d make the exact same choice again in a heartbeat, but”only if entirely necessary.” It is true what they say, mothers really can do anything to protect their kids, whatever it charges them. If the children are fine, then mother is fine, too.

Dog Fight

In regards to dogs and children, it can be a tricky business. Some dogs just don’t understand kids, and also the most faithful pups can fear and feel as though they’re being assaulted, savagely turning to the innocent child. Chelsi Camp has been pet-sitting to get a family friend once the dog turned to her daughter.

The once-friendly pet started to savagely maul Chelsi’s kid, but mother was not about to settle back and let events play out without putting up a struggle. This mother did what any mother would do and ended up getting hurt in the procedure. Read on to get Chelsi’s amazing narrative.