In late 2017, two dog-loving nurture parents took in a pregnant golden retriever mix named Rosie. They anticipated a huge mess of fluffy, gold dogs, but instead they found…cows? Or , what seemed like cows.

These oddly-colored puppies hauled the net to a storm. How can Rosie get cow dogs? And what happened to those puppies as soon as they were raised? Learn the enchanting story of Rosie and her sudden mess.


Rosie had a difficult life and has been abandoned when she needed the help .

Meet Rosie, The Silly And Cute Mama

In October 2017, Rosie, a golden retriever mix, was disowned by her previous owners. She had been abandoned at a refuge clearly pregnant and near arrival. The protector’s director feared for her health and also for the simple fact that she’d give birth without appropriate aid.


puppy born


Although shelters have drastically lowered their euthanization policies, many are overcrowded with puppies and don’t have the resources to take care for a new mess. Rosie wanted caring owners now more than ever.