It was not too long ago this Target came under fire for requesting a mother to quit feeding her kid. Now, the company has done an 180, producing comfortable areas for mothers to relax together with their infants to feed.

The company recently began constructing “Nursing Nooks” at shops across the USA. The regions are constructed to supply a cozy resting place for mothers who should feed their kids while out and about.

Target’s fresh feeding nooks were spotted by popular Facebook webpage, Breastfeeding Mama Talk.

The article has obtained over 21,000 enjoys. Customers have remarked that Target has not concealed these nooks nevertheless place them in the open.

Other net users immediately began posting nooks they discovered at their local Target stores.
Target representative Kristy Welker stated in a meeting with Scary Mommy the lounges will shortly become a staple in Target stores throughout the USA.

“In late 2016 we started testing designated nursing rooms in two shops in Minnesota. We’ll continue to appraise guest comments on this evaluation to find out broader rollout to additional shops and we always love hearing from our customers about how we could better satisfy their requirements.”

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