The 5 Most Deadly Hurricanes in the USA

Since Category 4 Hurricane Joaquin makes its way toward the East coast of America, preparations are underway to decrease the damage in places where the storm could potentially make landfall.

Present-day forecasts have Joaquin’s 130-mile-an-hour fury landing in Virginia, North Carolina or New Jersey. Those countries have already declared a state of crisis. Even if the storm turns out from the united states, coastal areas are predicted to suffer significant rains and flooding.

Since Joaquin’s every movement is tracked, it is fascinating to revisit some of the deadliest hurricanes to attack US soil. Here’s The Weather Channel’s listing of the best 5 killer shots. A complete list appears below.

The Sea Islands Hurricane

The Sea Islands Hurricane of 1893. Before hurricanes were granted official titles, this beastly storm struck the coast of Georgia near Savannah. 1,000–2,000 people were killed, primarily in the storm surge.

1893 Cheniere Caminada hurricane

Also called the Great October Storm, struck Chenière Caminada, Louisiana and murdered nearly 1,100-1,400 people.

Hurricane Katrina

Poor Louisiana has the dubious distinction of appearing on the listing twice. Katrina struck in 2005, which makes it the latest. At least 1,245 individuals were killed, and property damage totaled $108 billion.

The Okeechobee Hurricane

The Okeechobee storm, also known as the San Felipe Segundo storm hit West Palm Beach on September 17, 1928. With winds of 145 mph, the storm killed 2,500 individuals in West Palm Beach.

The Galveston Hurricane

The Galveston Hurricane of 1900 was a Category 4 storm as it slammed into the Texas shore. Death quotes vary from 6,000 and 12,000 people — making it by far the most deadly storm in US history.

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