Dads are a crazy lot. From dad jokes into a fairly mad pranks, they’re always keen to teach a lesson for their kids or flaunt their childish sides together with complete abandon.

A small number of dads have been able to go viral due to the pranks they’ve played in their kids. Whether they are pranking their child’s date or trying to frighten the daylights out of the offspring, they constantly find fascinating ways to participate.

Following is a distinctive group of dads that know what it means to pull off an epic, idiotic, or just plain odd prank in their kids.

This Dad Wore Short Pants To Prove A Point

Scott Mackintosh is going to be the primary dad to admit he’s”a little protective” of the four brothers and three sons. The Utah-based dad went viral following he wrote a blog article about a prank he pulled his daughter. During a family trip, he discovered his wife telling his daughter to”wear longer shorts,” a request which was met with a resounding”no” out of his daughter. Instead of becoming involved in the debate, he chose to wear a set of small shorts and head out with his loved ones. After making several trips to various places he says that his daughter”dresses a bit better” This is something that you can never unsee once you have a look at it.

This Dad Threw Christmas Gifts Into The Fireplace — Or Did He?

Two small girls discovered the hard way that speaking back to dad is not going to win them some brownie points. A dad went viral after he cried to discard his daughters’ Christmas gifts later they refused to hear him. Scott Boudin wrapped an empty box with Christmas paper and threw the box to the household’s fireplace, a movement which didn’t sit well with his young brothers. Scott asked his daughter Cooper to catch a particular box that he had left under the tree, he then requested his brothers they never listen . “Cause we are not just like you,” his daughter Cooper responded with a fantastic quantity of sass. After he threw her gift to the flame he clarified it had been an empty box. We do not know whether they got the stage however, Dad surely made an announcement.

Is That Dad Or Michael Phelps

Justin Beadles has no shame whatsoever. The dad of 15-year-old boy Jack decided it’d be interesting to prank his child about the final day of junior high. His superb embarrassing prank began by placing on a Speedo, swimming cap, and sporting a couple of awards around his throat. Then he jumped from the vehicle and began crying Jack’s title. His wife got in on the prank, filming the whole scene as it unfolded. Fortunately for Jack, the college was outside for summer time so he would not need to confront his friends the following day. When interviewed by a local TV team Jack stated his dad is a massive goofball and his pals love his parents behave so mad for a few spontaneous laughs.

A Blinker Fluid Prank

A dad in Chesterfield, Michigan went viral following he pranked his allies on April Fool’s Fay. Rodney Herbert drove two brothers to a Car Zone and advised them to go in the shop and buy”blinker fluid” to your family car. Blinker fluid does not exist but the imitation coupon he made sure his brothers to select a shopping excursion. As his brothers exited the shop he broke into laughter. The women did not locate his prank to be this funny, yelling:”We looked like idiots!” We salute that this dad for masterfully convincing his children that this item existed and subsequently developing a voucher that seemed too real to assert against.

This Dad Taught His Son A Lesson About Electricity

Admittedly, a few dads have obtained their love of pranks too much. This dad waited for his son to join the area and then pretended he was electrocuted through an open light outlet. The look on his son’s dad perfectly sums up exactly what it is like to be pranked by a master. At precisely the exact same time, playing electricity is something we know to not do from a really young age. If anything, that dad was simply reminding his son that the course he’s taught him over the years are significant. Dad pranks frequently go a lot and this is the perfect example of carrying a prank into the extreme.