If you request any parent, then they will probably tell you that raising a kid is one of the most difficult work in the world. While parenting can be hard even to get a well-equipped few, it could be harder for single parents that are anticipated to execute work that’s generally done by two individuals. This was true for Greg Wickherst, one dad living in Pueblo, Colorado along with his son Izzy. Greg was digging the waters of becoming a single parent and felt as though he had things covered — which is, except for performing his daughter’s hair.

known as “The Hair Dad,” see how Greg climbed to the occasion and made a name for himself performing exactly what many fathers couldn’t envision.

Becoming A Single Parent Is Not Simple

After he and his wife went their individual ways, Greg Wickherst received primary custody of his husband, Izzy. Though he had become familiar with nearly all parts of parenting, as it arrived to correctly styling his daughter’s hair, Greg felt as though he had been clueless.

To be able to address his problem, Greg asserts that”I found an area I was missing as a parent and needed to repair it, so I asked to assistance.”

Little did he know that requesting help would alter he and his kid’s lives.

Searching Out Assist

While struggling with Izzy’s own hair, Greg was employed as an admissions representative in the IntelliTec College. Recognizing that there was a cosmetology department in the college, he determined that it could not hurt to begin his own search for answers .

After contacting a few cosmetology pupils about his difficulty, Greg started spending his lunch breaks together with the pupils, studying the fundamentals of feminine hair styling. In this manner he would not be wholly useless as it came into his daughter’s hair.

Determined To Understand

One student, in particular, called Ashley Rosha, volunteered her time to assist Greg understand the fundamentals. Throughout his lunch, he can be discovered at the salon in the college practicing braids, buns, and ponytails onto a mannequin.

He recalls getting strange looks from the other customers in the salon, but he did not care since he was determined to achieve what he set out to perform. Practicing in his spare time on the job he started to feel much more confident with each passing day.

He came to a sudden realization.

He Was Amazed From The Simplicity

After studying to perform different fashions on a mannequin, Greg was taken amazed at how easy a few hairstyles were, however complex they’ve appeared.

In an interview, he also admitted that”It blew my mind how easy it had been to perform a bun. I believed that it had been something super unique, like very complicated, notably the one in which you do not end pulling on the ponytail. I thought, Oh my god, that is so pretty for something which’s so easy…I do not think many men know that it is that easy.”